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Going Mouseless

The owner of a real estate company reviews new technology designed to replace the PC mouse.

From: Larry Fisch
The idea behind the Cirque GlidePoint mouse replacement pad (Cirque Corp., Salt Lake City; 800-454-3375; $89.95) is a good one: use your finger instead of a mouse to control the cursor on the screen. You slide your finger along a pad and then tap instead of clicking on buttons.

Six of us around here, ranging from PC novices to experts, tried out the GlidePoint. It was as easy to install as a mouse, and no one had trouble understanding how to work it. You just move your finger where you want the cursor to go and tap when you get there. The problem is getting the cursor to the exact point you want. It takes time to get used to controlling it, and all of us found that even with practice the cursor isn't as responsive as it is with a mouse. The tapping doesn't always work, either. There are buttons on the side of the pad you can use instead of tapping, and most of us ended up using them.

I think the real issue is that most people don't mind using a mouse. So this product is solving a problem that people don't have. If you want to get me to switch to something different from the industry standard, it has to work a lot better than the standard.

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Larry Fisch is owner and president of Boston's Preferred Properties Inc., a real estate company in Boston.

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Last updated: Dec 15, 1995

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