Geoff Allen and Jeff Gordon know that filling a room full of prospective buyers can be as hard as persuading shortstop Cal Ripken to take a day off. But Allen and Gordon -- owners of Source Digital Systems, a value-added reseller and integrator of video-editing systems in McLean, Va. -- had no trouble gathering 128 corporate prospects last September. The occasion: an Orioles-Red Sox matchup at Camden Yards.

The partners rented out the old B&O Warehouse next to right field. While the batters warmed up outside, the corporate crowd munched on barbecued chicken inside. Allen and Gordon got the prospects' attention by showing on two large screens how a baseball coach could use the latest video-editing technology in training. The group asked questions and filled out a survey rating the sales presentation and the technology.

Afterward, everyone headed to the stands. The Orioles prevailed -- and so did Source Digital. Two months after hosting the $15,000 event (paid for in part by vendor co-op marketing funds), the $8-million company closed six deals worth $420,000. Says Allen, "It was a good day for the clients, us, and the Orioles."

* * *