Among 437 fast-growing companies recently surveyed, fully half collaborated with outside corporate partners to create products or services -- generating about 23% more products and services than companies that went it alone. Partnering, notes Coopers & Lybrand's Pete Collins, "is smart marketing. The risks are reduced when new products are introduced through teaming up with the future buyers of those products."

What type of partnership(s) have you used?

(Responses by company size)

Sales of less than $5 million Sales of $5 million or more
External new-product/new-service development team 34% 36%
Strategic alliance with suppliers 60% 72%
Sales or marketing partnership 34% 39%
Joint venture owned in part with others 14% 15%

Source: Coopers & Lybrand's "Trendsetter Barometer," New York City, November 1995.

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