For even the most cost-conscious companies, workers' compensation premiums often seem to defy budgetary goals. Here's help: CompControl: The Secrets of Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs, by insurance-industry consultant Edward J. Priz (Oasis Press/PSI Research, 800-228-2275, 1995, $19.95), is chock-full of strategies entrepreneurs can use to cut premiums, avoid overcharges, and compare policies.

Although it may seem impossible, this book makes workers' comp enjoyable to read about. Twenty-four case studies from Priz's own career illustrate the benefits of cost-reduction strategies such as separating operations for insurance purposes.

But that's far from the only reason to read this book. Other sections focus on how to avoid typical errors that drive up insurance premiums, such as employee or workplace misclassifications. The book's emphasis is on what companies can do to help themselves.

* * *