All too often, entrepreneurs devote so much attention to building their businesses that they overlook their families' long-term financial future. Here are three good resources:

? Secure Your Future: Financial Planning at Any Age (Oasis Press/PSI Research, 800-228-2275, 1994, $19.95), by Chuck Tellalian and Walter Rosen, two retirement and estate-planning experts, is about as comprehensive as you can get for the money. Particularly useful is a series of work sheets that help readers calculate their net worth, the value of various plans to increase their assets, and the cost of their projected lifestyles after retirement. Although the book can be preachy ("Stop smoking"), its investment analysis pays off.

? Secure Your Future (Irwin, 800-634-3966, 1996, $16.95) was written by a team of Price Waterhouse accountants and is, if anything, more financially comprehensive than Tellalian and Rosen's book. Thanks to some colorful charts and inserts, it's also easy to scan. A chapter on the hows and whys of saving for retirement makes a good start for beginners.

? Financial Planning Handbook for Responsible Investors (available from Co-op America, 1612 K St. NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20006, $5) is a nice companion piece for would-be investors who want a social, as well as financial, payoff. This brochure discusses socially responsible investing and how to get started doing it, and also offers commonsense advice on personal finance and tax strategies.

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