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Manager's Notebook

What do small companies really do on the Internet? Global business. According to a recent survey of 996 small and midsize companies, exporters are 70% more likely to use the Internet than small companies overall are. The survey also revealed that exporters are twice as likely as nonexporters to use the Internet to buy and sell goods and to host a home page. "It's a low-cost way to facilitate international commerce," notes Nancy Pechloff of Arthur Andersen.

Percentage of respondents that indicated the following internet uses apply to them:

Small companies overall Importers Exporters
Use the Internet 23% 35% 39%
Conduct research on the Net 17% 21% 26%
Have a Web Page 8% 14% 17%

Source: "Survey of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses," by Arthur Andersen's Enterprise Group and National Small Business United, 1996.