CEO's Notebook


Among growing companies, sales and marketing continues to be the area that benefits most from new information technology. That's the implication of a survey of the 1996 Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies. The survey also suggests that Inc. 500 CEOs weren't as impressed by the benefits of accounting technology in 1995 as they were in 1991. One possible cause: sophisticated accounting-software systems had by 1995 become so widespread that their incremental impact no longer loomed as large.

Source: 1996 Inc. 500 survey.
Area of Company Benefiting Most from Information Technology
1991 1995
Sales/Marketing 38% 42%
Accounting 32% 18%
Manufacturing 7% 6%
Strategic planning 5% 8%
Inventory management 4% 6%
People management 3% 9%
Other 11% 11%