Inc. Magazine: November 1, 1998

No Fooling
Inc.'s editor explains why the employee manual at the Motley Fool, a personal-investing Web site, gives a clear sense of what it's like to work for the company.
Inc. readers react to articles from the August 1998 issue of Inc., including "Diary of a Soloist," by Harriet Rubin, "Caveat Emptor," by Norm Brodsky, and "Partners on the Edge," by Jerry Useem.
Upstarts: Rookie Venture Capital
A look at how three businessmen with no venture capital experience started Redleaf Venture Management. Plus, several shorter articles about why so many greenhorns are starting VC firms.
Soaring Video Chain Crashes to Earth
After hiring high-priced executives to manage aggressive growth plans, a slump in the video-rental market drove Planet Video into bankruptcy. A business obit.
Hurry Up and Wait
CEO Brodsky describes how budding entrepreneurs often make poor business decisions because they're too impatient to think them through. He gives advice on learning how to wait.
Hiring In-Laws: The Kiss of Death
Hiring in-laws into a family business can lead to company-threatening disasters. The reason? They'll try to prove their value to the company by changing the way it's run.
The Soloist
In the August 1998 issue of Inc., Rubin began chronicling her career as a solo act. In this excerpt from her diary, she searches for her own identity and questions how she wants to spend her life.
Without You I'm Nothing
Tom King, CEO of Jo's Candies, sells almost exclusively to huge companies like Starbucks and Borders. He offers four rules for doing business with giants who could easily wipe you out.
The Sting
Desperate entrepreneurs are easy marks for con men posing as venture capitalists. Here's the story of one business owner who was duped by phony investors.
A Business Model of One's Own
A recent decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has allowed an Internet-based company to patent its own business model. Will this be a barrier to new businesses on the Web?
CEO's Notebook
CEOs give advice on: fueling growth through purchase-order financing; boosting sales through affinity marketing; and using cash incentives to collect customer contacts.
What's Hot: Year-End Game
A guide to books and Web sites that can help you take advantage of corporate-tax strategies and deductions. Resources include tips from the IRS and tax-filing mistakes to avoid.
How to Keep Staff in a Boom Economy
Here's how CompuWorks, a computer-systems-integration firm, has dramatically reduced turnover by cultivating a sense of common purpose among employees.
Selling Your Business
Advice on preparing to sell your company. Tips include choosing the right type of buyer, avoiding a costly audit, and dealing through brokers and other intermediaries.
A comprehensive guide to companies, organizations, and individuals featured in the November 1998 issue.
Rodeo Event-Marketing Company
An overview of a rodeo-marketing company offered for sale. Includes the price, how the business was valued, the outlook of future sales, and the pros and cons of the purchase.

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