Inc. Magazine: February 1, 2000

More Myths
Inc. magazine's editor-in-chief discusses the evolution of E-culture, start-ups that help other new companies out of the gate, competing against a monopolistic American icon, and Bessemer Venture Partners' "anti-portfolio.
Upstarts: Start-Up Services
A look at several companies that sell "start-up-in-a-box" services designed to help new businesses hit the ground running.
Start-Up's Epitaph: One Product Beats Three
More isn't always better, as software maker Persimmon IT learned when it tried to launch three products and ended up spreading itself too thin. A business obit.
The Game of the Name
Searching for the perfect name for your business? Here's why Internet start-up chose an independent consultant over a high-profile firm to help build its identity.
Ask Norm
Inc. columnist and CEO Norm Brodsky offers tips on negotiating, overcoming seasonal slumps, giving up stock to investors, keeping employees from stealing customers, coping with the family business, and fending off loneliness.
Are You Ready to Lead the E-Cultural Revolution?
Want to succeed in the new online economy? First, you will need to understand these six fundamental principles that Internet-savvy companies thrive on.
I Was Seduced by the Web Economy
A look at seven E-commerce myths and the entrepreneurs who bought into them.
Myth 1: Building a Web Site Is Easy
Businesses making the jump to the Web should leave plenty of room for error. A look at the technical difficulties Hire Quality encountered when trying to build a Web site.
Building a Web Site Is Easy: The Word from the Experts
E-commerce experts discuss the technical hardships a business can suffer when trying to create a customer-friendly Web site.
Myth 2: Traffic Will Make You Rich
Blue Marlin CEO Erik Stuebe discusses the frustration of having people look but not buy.
Traffic Will Make You Rich: The Word from the Experts
Sales, not traffic, are what's needed to create profit for a Web site, according to the experts.
Myth 3: Smart Money Makes You Smart
Think any Internet start-up can get venture capital? Not true. Entrepreneur Cliff Young had to grow his company before the VCs came calling.
Smart Money Makes You Smart: The Word from the Experts
E-commerce experts weigh in on the importance of finding smart investors.
Tales My Guru Told Me
Fact, fiction, and a few words of good advice: A sampling of quotes that have helped create the Internet buzz.
Myth 4: Razzle-Dazzle Makes Web Sites Great
Does being bigger and bolder make a great Web site? Here's how the Edler Group discovered that functionality is better than technothrills.
Razzle-Dazzle Makes Web Sites Great: The Word from the Experts
Bells and whistles can hinder a more important aspect of Web sites ? speed.
Myth 5: Brand Is Everything's interim CEO Fred Horowitz shifted his site's focus from branding to selling groceries -- and created a spectacular turnaround in the process.
Brand Is Everything: The Word from the Experts
E-commerce experts discuss why having a good brand does not necessarily generate sales on the Internet.
Myth 6: Wild Ads Make Web Stars
Think that memorable commercials will lure buyers to your Web site? Here's how discovered that an ad campaign must go beyond name recognition.
Wild Ads Make Web Stars: The Word from the Experts
Ad campaigns for dot-coms should explain what the business does in order to be effective, say industry observers.
Dispatches from the Web Economy
Quick takes on the Web economy's impact on the business world.
Myth 7: Community, Community, Community
Think you need a chat room on your Web site to be successful? Here's how Paramount Services realized that not every Internet business begets a cult.
Community, Community, Community: The Word from the Experts
Not every company needs to build an online community, say Web observers.
Personnel Best
Paula Lawlor, president of MediHealth, brings out the best in her employees by giving to them exactly what she expects to receive: dedication.
What Business Is Really In?
With more than $550 million in losses over the past five years, how can seriously expect to become a viable retail business? Inc. offers five theories as to what the leading E-tailer is really up to.
Turf Wars
Tiny upstart FieldTurf plans to beat leviathan AstroTurf at its own game.
The Origin of the Entrepreneurial Species
Inc. editor-in-chief George Gendron and Amar BhidÉ, author of The Origin and Evolution of New Businesses, discuss BhidÉ's surprising conclusions about risk taking, bootstrapping, and successful start-ups.
CEO's Notebook
Advice on managing long-distance workers; using mentors to build employee loyalty; and combating vendor's price increases. Plus: "My Biggest Mistake," by Bill Porter, founder of E*Trade.
No-Excuses Ambition
Reviews of five new business books -- two on turning ambition into success; two on the complexities of an employee's connection to work; and one on how to start a company. Plus: What Peter de Jager, founder of Y2K consultancy De Jager & Co., is reading.
Who Needs a Bank Anyway?
Nontraditional lenders are emerging as a real alternative to bank financing for growth companies.
Dress Codes
What candidates say in interviews isn't the only window to their personality. Clothing and appearance offer other valuable insights.
A comprehensive guide to companies, organizations, and individuals featured in the February 2000 issue.
Business for Sale: Mid-Atlantic Vending Route
Looking to buy a business where you can dominate the market? Consider this in-office vending-route business. Profile includes price, how the business was valued, growth prospects, and pros and cons.

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