Historian David McCullough on putting today's changes into perspective; Ms. magazine editor-in-chief Marcia Ann Gillespie on women and technology; former White House press secretary Mike McCurry on wired politics; Mike Wallace on the Internet and life inside 60 Minutes; Robert Putnam on the Internet and our sense of community; rapper Chuck D. on the Web and the music industry; Elaine St. James on simplifying in a technology-driven world; Nobel-prize-winning economist Gary Becker on the next new economy; teacher Cathy Welsh-Payne on how eighth-graders view the future; Infoseek founder Steve Kirsch on philanthropy in the digital age; former director of the U.S. Mint Philip Diehl on whether the digital age will change hard currency; Ben Cameron on live theater in a digital age; Timberland CEO Jeffrey Swartz on branding in these times.