It seems as if everyone these days has an in-house university. But how do you get your people to actually show up? CTX (#411), an IT consulting firm, boosts training-class attendance rates by offering noncash rewards. The three-pronged university offers classes in technology, leadership, and the CTX methodology. CEO Tracy Graves entices students by doling out Palm handhelds to those who earn 16 class credits. (Each completed class yields 2 credits.) Participation rates have escalated from 25% to 60% since CTX began offering tangible prizes. More important, word is spreading that the classes are both interesting and applicable. For its fall curriculum, the company plans to publish a "CTX Goodies Catalog," which will include gift certificates and computers as well as merchandise with the CTX University logo. "It's like a green-stamp program," explains Graves. "And it forces our management team to be very creative."

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