Inc. Magazine: December 1, 2000

FYI: Critical Numbers
Inside the December 2000 Inc. issue:cutting-edge practices in the education business, what happens when companies move, the new megamarket, and the latest twist in Andrew Raskin's big adventure.
Several readers responded to our September Inc. story about recruiting. Another reader provided some year-end reflection on a fellow high-powered CEO.
Upstarts: Digital Photography
Digital photo start-ups are getting ready for their close-up. But will consumers like how things develop?
Street Smarts: What Business Are You Really In?
Sometimes you have to think differently about your business in order to find the key to success.
Obits: Computer Woes Unhinge Furniture Maker
This End Up reached success with its folksy furniture and affordable pricing. But a poorly implemented computer and distribution system forced the company to close up shop for good.
I Really Must Be Going
Company founders and their businesses don't always grow at the same pace or in the same direction. Andy Raskin, author of Inc.'s E-Diaries columns, bids farewell to his firstborn company.
Best Cities to Start and Grow a Company in Now
Inc. ranks the best cities in America for new and growing companies in 2000.
Best Cities: The Location Advantage
Is it time to make your move? These CEOs bet that their companies would thrive in a new location.
Best Cities: City Pickers
Before you think about moving your company or starting a business in a new location, look at this list of the key issues in judging whether a city fits your needs.
Best Cities: The Two Loudoun Counties
Can a place that's good for business survive as a great place to live? A look at the two sides of Loudoun County, Virginia.
The South Shall Ride Again
This motorcycle maker has a powerful vision for his company. And he's dragging his supporters along -- whether they like it or not.
The ABCs of Profit
The CEO of Nobel Learning Communities Inc., an operator of for-profit and charter schools, is convinced that he knows how to make money with schools -- without sacrificing quality.
What Do Teens Want?
How to market to teens is a growing issue given the size of the "echo boom" generation. So we asked our kids. We asked the experts. Finally, we asked teen idols Blink-182.
The Future Is Here! But Is It Shocking?
Thirty years ago authors Heidi and Alvin Toffler sounded a warning bell for postindustrial society. Today the Tofflers take stock and look ahead to the Internet Age.
CEO's Notebook
Read short, practical articles about topics such as insurance for your e-business, a major change in patent law, and what to do if your flight is canceled.
Book Value: Marketing for Mavens
Inc.'s reviewer examines several books that explore issues of marketing and branding.
Estate Planning
Despite a presidential veto, the "death tax" is still a hot political issue in 2000. What's a small-business person to do?
Best of the Web: Testing Recruits, Net-Style
A host of Web sites test such things as programming and accounting skills. Ten CEOs say which sites are most worthwhile.
How to contact organizations and people mentioned prominently in the December 2000 Inc. issue.
Business for Sale: California Dining-Yacht Service
If wining and dining on a beautiful boat is your idea of living, consider this California-based dining-cruise business.
Best Cities: The Lists
Here's Inc. magazine's 2000 list of the best metro areas, big and small, in which to start and grow your business.
Cities that Have Soared or Sunk as a Place to Start a Business
A look at the big and small cities that have shown the greatest rise or fall on Inc.'s list of the best cities in which to start a business, from 1993 to 2000.

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