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Hot Tip: Improving Office Decor for Free

One company in Cleveland is using its space to showcase local artists, benefiting the artists and the company.

CEO's Notebook

Biomec is a biotech company located in an industrial area of Cleveland. But the company's halls are lined with colorful contemporary paintings that bespeak the pricey touch of a decorator. Biomec managed to acquire free office artwork by becoming a gallery of sorts for local painters. Jennie Jones, a professional photographer and the wife of the company's founder, Trevor Jones, put the program together by soliciting local artists to lend the company hard-to-store oversized canvases. Steve Behm, vice-president of business development and marketing, confesses that Biomec's investors looked askance at the artwork -- until Behm informed them that the company hadn't been spending its precious capital on fancy decor.

CEO's Notebook

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Last updated: Mar 1, 2001

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