The Inner City 100


Some CEOs play down their inner-city location when they're talking to customers. Al Fuller trumpets his to the skies.

Fuller is cofounder of Integrated Packaging Corp. (#75), a New Brunswick, N.J., company that makes boxes and corrugated paper. Fuller's customers include consumer-products colossi like PepsiCo, a corporation whose soft drinks -- not coincidentally -- sell well in urban areas. "Pepsi wants its supplier base to look more like its customer base," says Fuller. "So being in the inner city becomes a competitive advantage."

Other companies regard inner cities as an untapped revenue opportunity. Hiring vendors like Integrated Packaging sends "a signal" to those communities, says Fuller. Perhaps even more important, inner-city companies hire inner-city residents, boosting the workers' income in the process. "Companies like Kraft and Procter & Gamble sell premium products," explains Fuller. "It's important to them to build consumers who can buy Bounty instead of the generic version. That's the longer-term business case."

The Inner City 100

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All About Eaves Aztec Roofing & Sheetmetal Corp. (#58)

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