May 15, 2001

The State of Small Business
Senior editor Nancy Lyons introduces Inc.'s view of the current state of small business.
SMALL BUSINESS 2001: Where We Are Now
Starting your own business is never easy. But it was once a whole lot harder.
Counting Companies
How many small businesses are there? Just a few more than there are ways to count them.
Market Share
What businesses are small companies really in -- and where are they scarce?
The Gazelle Theory
Are some small companies more equal than others?
The Real Economy
The dot-coms have faded. Is that the end of high-tech start-ups?
The Soloists
How many one-person businesses are there -- and what do they actually do?
The Job Factory
Do small companies really create the most jobs?
Tomorrow's Self-Employed American
Who will tomorrow's typical business owner be?
The Rewards
Is it worth it to run your own business?
Rank and File
Who works for small companies?
Middle-Aged Spread
How old is the average small company -- and how much time does it have left?
End Game
How many companies fail? Not as many as everyone thinks.
START-UP NATION: Who's Looking At Start-Ups?
The birthing of companies is the process by which an economy reinvents and re-creates itself.
Counting Start-ups
Isn't everybody starting a company these days?
Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur?
How many people are planning to start a new company?
Where The Action Is
What kinds of businesses are the newest entrepreneurs launching?
It's All About Geography
Where are the new companies starting up?
The Founder Next Door
Is today's entrepreneur any different from the rest of us?
Going For Broke
Is now a good time to start a company?
Entrepreneurs are usually first off the blocks in spotting the opportunities opened up by some sort of change.
The People Problem
What will be the biggest challenge facing small businesses in the years ahead?
Internet Dreams
What's next for the Web?
One World
How will globalization affect small businesses?
Opportunity Knocks
With technology markets tanking, what's the next big thing?
Demographic Shift
Who are the new entrepreneurs, and where are the new markets?
Eat Or Be Eaten
Is consolidation a threat or a boon to small companies?
The Power of Innovation
How will entrepreneurs change the world?
Digging For Data (In All The Right Places)
Here's how to find more stats on the current state of small business.

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