Night Shift

Who: Frank Tucker, 47, CEO of Tucker Technology Inc., in Oakland, Calif., an $8- million telecommunications and IT-systems company with 150 employees

Family: Tucker is a single dad; daughter Conchita, 20, is away at college; Christen, 16, and Frank, 14, live at home with their father.

7:30 P.M. Leaves the office with Frank, who arrived from school at about 4. "My son usually starts harassing me to get out of the office by 7," Tucker says. The rest of the staffers leave promptly at 5 p.m.

7:40 Stops at the Burrito Shop to pick up takeout dinner. Tucker used to cook more but knows only one way to make chicken, and the kids got tired of having the same thing for dinner all the time.

8:00 Arrives home. Christen, who has her own car, has been home since school let out. About once a week, she'll cook dinner. Tucker changes into jeans, goes through the mail.

8:30 Sits down with kids for dinner. (Tucker's social life is mostly limited to business or civic-oriented functions. One recent night a 5:30 fund-raiser was held for Oakland vice-mayor Jane Brunner across the street from his office; he arrived at it 20 minutes late. Afterward he dashed to a monthly meeting of the local chapter of 100 Black Men of America Inc., a national organization that sponsors scholarships and other benefits for African Americans; he was nearly an hour late for that. He got home at 9:25, after Christen had already picked up dinner.)

9:15 Spends half an hour going over Christen's homework with her. Frank usually does his homework in the office.

10:00 Catches a TV show with the kids. Survivor and ER are favorites.

10:30 Receives a phone call from the parent of a child on the softball team that his company sponsors. "She has a concern that she wants to discuss. So much for trying to relax and watch TV," he says.

11:00 Goes into his home office and turns on the evening news while the kids go to their rooms to prepare for bed. Checks his E-mail and makes some decisions about stock-market investments.

12:30 A.M. "As always, cyberspace consumes my time, and I notice that it is already 12:30," he says. Prints out some E-mail messages.

12:45 "I fix the printer jam."

12:50 Has a cup of chamomile tea and then goes to bed. His alarm is set for 6:30 a.m. The next morning, after exercising with Christen and driving the kids to school, Tucker will be in his office by 8.

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