The Explorer E-cliner ($999 to $1,299) could be the most comfortable home office ever. The traditional La-Z-Boy chair recently got a WebTV makeover and now has a Sony wireless keyboard on a foldout tray table and comes with a Sony Internet terminal that sits on top of the TV set. The tray table, which has space enough for a laptop, tilts and rotates 360 degrees -- in case you exercise bad judgment and want to get up. For laptop users, the chair has a DSL connection, an analog line, and a surge-protected data port in one arm. The chair's other arm is reserved for a concealable beverage holder and storage space that's perfect for your cell phone and personal digital assistant. According to Galen Cranz, professor of architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, and author of The Chair: Rethinking Culture, Body and Design, the E-cliner "sounds like a step in the right direction." Cranz does most of her computing in a La-Z-Boy and advocates a reclining posture for reading or talking on the phone. Her caveat? "You have to be careful with La-Z-Boys," she says, "because they're overly padded." Damn.

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