The 2001 Inc Web Awards

General Excellence

All-Outdoors Whitewater Rafting
First place, Customer Service
Second place, ROI
Marketing finalist

Honorable Mention
Nova Cruz Products LLC
First place, Design
Third place, Marketing
ROI finalist

Customer Service

First place
All-Outdoors Whitewater Rafting

Second place
Cadkey Corp.

Third place
Street Glow Inc.


First place
Nova Cruz Products LLC

Second place
TidalWire Inc.

Third place

Management (intranets and extranets*)

First place
Sunbelt Business Brokers Network Inc.

Second place
National Services Group

Third place
SLP Capital


First place
Merriman Capital Management

Second place
Earth Treks Inc.

Third place
Nova Cruz Products LLC


First place
Ipswitch Inc.

Second place
All-Outdoors Whitewater Rafting

Third place
The Ltd.

Sole Proprietors

First place

Second place
Somerset Estate Sales

Third place
Restaurant Connection Inc.

*Management awards are given for Web sites that are password protected, so the URLs are only for the companies' general sites.

How the 2001 Inc Web Awards winners were selected: Earlier this year, 800 small businesses applied online for the 2001 Inc Web Awards. Using an Internet-based judging site, members of the Inc editorial staff screened all applications, eliminating ineligible entries and selecting finalists in six categories: Customer Service, Design, Management (intranets and extranets), Marketing, Return on Investment (ROI), and Sole Proprietors. We then had outside judges (listed on facing page) review the Web sites and submit comments and recommendations. Based on the judges' input, Inc selected the winners.

The Judges

Ryan Bernard is president of Wordmark Associates Inc., in Houston, and the author of The Corporate Intranet.

Mary E. Boone is the president of Boone Associates, in Norwalk, Conn., and author of Managing Inter@ctively: ExecutingBusiness Strategy, Improving Communication, and Creating a Knowledge-Sharing Culture.

Bonny Brown is director of research at Vividence Corp., in San Mateo, Calif.

Erik Brynjolfsson is codirector of the Center for eBusiness@MIT at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, Mass.

Michelle Chambers is the president and founder of New Tilt, in Somerville, Mass.

Larry Chase is a New York-based marketing consultant, author of Essential Business Tactics for the Net, and publisher or Web Digest for Marketers in New York City.

Steve Crummey is the cofounder and chairman of Inc., in Woburn, Mass.

Bill Demas is an executive vice-president of Vividence Corp., in San Mateo, Calif.

Paul Edwards is a self-employment consultant and the coauthor of Home-Based Business for Dummies. He is based in Pine Mountain Club, Calif.

Martin T. Focazio is the CEO of Martin T. Focazio LLC, in Upper Black Eddy, Pa., and author of The e-Factor.

Jeffrey Harkness is the cofounder of Diesel Design in San Francisco and the host of CNet's monthly Design Talk radio program.

John Hartnett is the CEO and president of BlueMissile, in Minneapolis.

Randy J. Hinrichs is the group research manager in Learning Sciences and Technology, Microsoft Research, Microsoft Corp., in Redmond, Wash., and the author of Intranets: What's the Bottom Line?

Donna L. Hoffman is a professor of management, director of the electronic commerce concentration, and codirector of the eLab at the Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, in Nashville.

Peter Kent is president of Top Floor Publishing, in Lakewood, Colo., and the author of Poor Richard's Web Site.

Michael P. Largey is the executive vice-president of IT Web Solutions Inc., in West Long Branch, N.J.

Terri Lonier is the president of Working Solo Inc., a consulting firm in San Francisco, and the author of Working Solo: The Real Guide to Freedom & Financial Success with Your Own Business.

Harley Manning is a research director at Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge, Mass.

Jakob Nielsen is a principal at Nielsen Norman Group, in Fremont, Calif., and the author of Designing Web Usability.

Richard W. Oliver is a professor of management at Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, in Nashville.

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers are founding partners of Peppers and Rogers Group, in Norwalk, Conn., and the coauthors of One to One B2B.

Patricia B. Seybold is CEO of Patricia Seybold Group Inc., in Boston, and the author of How to Create A Profitable Business Strategy for the Internet & Beyond and The Customer Revolution.

Beerud Sheth is the cofounder and general manager of eLance Inc., in Sunnyvale, Calif.

James Slavet is the cofounder of Guru Inc., in San Francisco.

Robert Spiegel is the author of The Shoestring Entrepreneur's Guide to the Best Home-Based Businesses. He lives in Albuquerque.

Phil Terry is the CEO of Creative Good Inc., in New York City.

Mark C. Thompson is chairman and CEO of Network Public Broadcasting International Inc., in San Francisco, and chairman of Integration Associates Inc., in Mountain View, Calif.

Bruce D. Weinberg is an associate professor of marketing and E-commerce at McCallum Graduate School of Business, Bentley College, in Waltham, Mass.

Marcia Yudkin is the Boston-based author of Poor Richard's Web Site Marketing Makeover and other Internet marketing guides.

Ron Zemke is the president of Performance Research Associates Inc., in Minneapolis, and coauthor of E-Service: 24 Ways to Keep Your Customers When the Competition is Just a Click Away and other books.

The 2001 Inc Web Awards

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