High concept

The tattoo craze is fading as fast as the hula dancer on an old sailor's biceps. But that's going to change, believes Ernie Schenone Jr., thanks to the next big thing in body art: chocolate.

Schenone's company, Chocoholics Divine Desserts (#469), makes a bundle on traditional chocolate sauces and boxed candies. But its latest gift items are racier, including temporary, self-applying tattoos that spell words like yummy in a sweet, brown scrawl; and a board game called Strip Chocolate that combines Monopoly, strip poker, and body frosting. Not all of this company's new products mix the prandial and the carnal, however. Just-for-eating chocolate pasta, for example, can be served "chilled as a dessert, with a raspberry sauce or a crème fraîche," Schenone suggests.

Despite the bawdy nature of several of his 175 SKUs, Schenone says his chocolate is for the connoisseur, not the college sophomore. "These are really not gag gifts but high-quality gourmet chocolate, just in a different wrapper," the company founder says. Ahem ... Strip Chocolate? "We raise a few eyebrows here and there," he concedes.

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High concept

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