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Hands On: Works Well With Others

Giving employees quarterly goals has helped Revenue Technology Services Corp. to improve cooperation.

At Revenue Technology Services Corp. (RTS), a $5-million software company in Irving, Tex., the three corporate divisions -- sales and marketing, support, and product development -- weren't working together very well. As a result, implementations took longer than RTS liked. So CEO Loren Alexander decreed that all 38 employees would receive three to five quarterly goals, some of which would pertain to other departments. In the three quarters that RTS has used the process, average integration time has shrunk by more than a month. Moreover, most of the infighting and scapegoating has given way to cooperation. The service-and-support staff actually created the product demo now used by the sales team. Managers have "stopped thinking in silos and now think about the entire business process," says Alexander.

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Last updated: Feb 1, 2002

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