Every month the InfoPosse -- Inc's team of crack corporate librarians -- reports in on what's good, bad, and ugly in the world of information.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT: It's still too cold to venture to bookstores, but the InfoPosse's digital subscriber lines have been thrumming with activity. The following Internet resources are keeping the Posse's research-hungry hearts warm.

Lisa Zwickey hopes she's not telling tales out of school by revealing one of her profession's most prized secrets: the Librarians' Index to the Internet ( "This is as close as you're going to get to an index of all the information on the Internet," says Zwickey. LII is a searchable, annotated directory, organized by subject, of more than 8,600 online resources. Librarians select the sites listed in it and evaluate them for their usefulness to public-library patrons. The resources are grouped into more than 40 categories, ranging from business to geography to language.

Zwickey also raves about LII's weekly E-mail newsletter of new and interesting Web sites. In it she always finds something worth forwarding, whether it's to a company manager writing a report on marketing or to one of her nieces writing a report on the Civil War.

THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE E-BUSINESS: Now that the technology-publication forest has thinned a bit, the hardier trees are easier to see. One that's still standing -- and worth reading if you work in, sell to, or buy from the technology sector -- is Under the Buzz (, a free electronic newsletter from the Chasm Group, a Silicon Valley consulting company. InfoPosse member Christine Klein finds Under the Buzz to be an excellent source of strategic advice and case-study smarts, with an unwavering focus on the still-breathing B2B marketplace. Enterprise-software vendors and customers, for example, will appreciate a recent well-researched article on how Agile Software worked with Dell, ADC, and Sycamore Systems to implement collaborative manufacturing software. Warning: Philip Lay, the newsletter's author, quacks like a consultant. Buzzwords lie thick underfoot.

CLASSIC: Bestowing "classic" status on a Web site is like calling a TV show a hit because it survives into its second season. But the Riley Guide ( has been with us for eight years, which is longer than either ER or The West Wing. And like those two acclaimed entities, Riley is top dog in its genre.

Riley's genre is job resources, and on that subject it is all things to all people. Yes, it provides assistance to job hunters. But "I also refer human-resources directors and recruiters to it for the best, most credible, and targeted information," says InfoPosse member Lisa Guedea CarreÑo.

One choice section for recruiters covers online job banks, rÉsumÉ databases, specialty sites, consultants, online discussion groups, placement centers, and trade associations. On Riley you can learn how to set up electronic job applications and then how to manage the deluge of responses to your posting for a truffle designer (Belgian-chocolate experience preferred). Are you familiar with the legal snafus waiting to trip up online recruiters? Riley explains what they are and why you should be. And because money always matters, Riley's salary guide is one of the best and most comprehensive out there.

The Riley Guide, incidentally, is named for its author/compiler, Margaret F. Dikel (nÉe Riley), a former academic librarian. "I don't know how Dikel continues to provide current, quality content at no charge," says Guedea CarreÑo, "but I'm glad she does."

InfoPosse members are Genevieve Foskett, corporate librarian at Highsmith Inc.; Lisa Guedea CarreÑo, library director at Goshen College; Christine Klein, director of knowledge and information management at LifeCare Inc.; Jean Mayhew, director of information and learning at United Technologies Research Center; and Lisa A. Zwickey, senior research specialist at J.J. Keller & Associates.

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