Yes, recent economic conditions have had an effect on how Inc 500 CEOs manage their companies. But interestingly, one of the biggest issues many business leaders face is a variation on the same old theme of "How do I hire and retain good employees?" -- even though these days retention may mean simply staving off layoffs. Among this year's Inc 500, we've found a few company builders with some interesting solutions to that quandary. We've also discovered CEOs who have unusual ideas about the role technology plays in running a business.

The economy wasn't the only outside variable influencing companies during the past year. Given the types of corporate scandals that began making headlines in 2001, we weren't surprised to discover that even Inc 500 CEOs were affected by the fallout. But, typical entrepreneurs, they learned what they could from those challenges and forged ahead, all the while growing their companies.

Now Manage, Dammit

Hiring and Retention
Employment Guaranteed, for Life
Keeping It Flexible

High Tech / Low Tech
Only Connect
Man vs. Machine

A Strategic Misalliance

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