So what happens is, you learn things along the way. Such as what it's like to lead a company builder's life. And what it's like to face challenges heretofore unimagined: big ones, trivial ones, ones that were funny -- well, funny later, anyway. You learn to savor the rewards of entrepreneurial success -- oh, man, the rewards -- but you also gain emotional perspective. It might be the equanimity to let others plan your life or the wisdom to cope with the most distressing emotions. Or it might be a hard-earned understanding about what kind of entrepreneurial life you really wanted in the first place, along with the tenacity to start over, and over, in order to create it. And though they're not always all good, these lessons, it's always good for them to be shared. Click on the links below for a few.

The Entrepreneurial Ego

What I Know Now
Until You Get It Right

My Body Is a ... Profit Center

Not-So-Private Lives
The Question, Popped

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