Though PCs and cell phones efficiently flash the time, that hardly knocks these good-looking wall and desktop timepieces out of the office dÉcor box. Please see page 61 of the Inc. May, 2003 issue for photos.

The Multicolor Ball Clock is a reproduction of the 1948 George Nelson classic, in wood and metal [$250,]; Five O'Clock, a 1990 Tibor Kalbman/M&Co design, features a mineral-glass crystal [$95,]; Robot Clock by Industry Steel has infinitely adjustable rubber-footed legs [$75,]; the Smithsonian catalog's AM/FM Retro Clock Radio, which recalls a similar midcentury design object in the Smithsonian Institution's Division of the History of Technology, has a wooden case and snooze alarm [$88,]; the Tiffany & Co. Swing Clock, in rhodium finish, adjusts to your point of view [$575,]; Seiko's Atomic Wall Clock synchronizes six times daily to the U.S. Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colo. [$75,].

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