Inc. Magazine: August 1, 2003


Take It Or Leave It: The Only Guide to Negotiating You Will Ever Need
If you want to be a better negotiator, you can buy 24 books, take 12 courses, and attend 7 seminars -- or, you can read this article. Rob Walker
Failure of Genius
The founders of Future Beef were the smartest, most forward-thinking people in the beef business -- and if you didn`t believe it, they`d tell you twice. So when the company went down, a lot of people wondered: How did these genius cattlemen blow it so badly? Jess McCuan
The Insider`s Guide to Economic Forecasting
Or, How to Get Ahead of the Competition by Becoming Your Own Economist.A well-known economist pulls back the curtain on the indicators he and other top insiders use to figure out where the economy is headed. These indicators can guide you, too. Gene Sperling
I Want My Company Back
The best way to win back his PR firm, Greg Matusky believed, was to steel himself to the possibility that he just might lose it. Donna Fenn


Behind the News: Severe Storm Watch
A surge in hurricanes could put the gust in August this year -- and profoundly affect companies in harm`s way. Rod Kurtz
Upstarts: Cleaning Up At Newsstands
Mr. Sam`s minions find Mental Floss more newsworthy than Maxim. Jess McCuan
Controversy: For Fed Dollars, Big Pose as Small
The government is giving small-business contracts to scrappy little ventures like AT&T and Office Depot. Anne Marie Borrego
The Bubble, Revisited: Why Online Exchanges Died
In many industries, B2B exchanges were simply not to be. Cara Cannella
Q & A: Luxury for the Little People
Desperate for a $300 blender? A look at America`s passion for "new-luxury" goods. Mike Hofman
Health Care: Worker Waist Management
When it comes to health care costs, one form of belt-tightening depends on another. Jill Hecht Maxwell
The Law: Casino Case Hits Legal Jackpot
A brawling casino worker helps to set a legal precedent that hurts employers. Bobbie Gossage


Court Sides With Biz on Disability
The Supreme Court rules that businesses can reject employee disability benefits when their doctor disagrees with the treating physician. Bobbie Gossage
Where Seed Money Really Comes From
Forget about venture capitalists, most people rely on the four F`s. Cara Cannella
Repackaging the Post Office
Will a shakeup at the Post Office be a special delivery for entrepreneurs? Elizabeth Wasserman
SBA Finds Another Billion for Loans
The Small Business Administration has created an additional $1.4 billion in lending authority. Bobbie Gossage
Fairer Class Action
Small-business lobbies are hailing a bill that will make it harder to win a class-action lawsuit. Anne Marie Borrego
Senators Call for Small-Biz Refunds
A six-year-old change in tax law is giving the Internal Revenue Service some agita. Nadine Heintz
New Research to Track Productivity
A MIT research team is trying to figure out how CEOs can better manage information workers. Jill Hecht Maxwell

Hands On

Marketing: Caught in the Crossfire
Marketers who rely on e-mail are getting zapped by aggressive new spam filters. To circumvent them, some companies are going retro, others super techno. Ellen Neuborne
Finance: From Buyouts To Small Biz
Mezzanine funds, big players in the mega-mergers of the 1980s, now cast their net in search of smaller growth firms. Suzanne McGee
Strategies: The " 4+2 Formula" For Success
Why do some succeed while others fail? Author Nitin Nohria says he`s found the answer. Tahl Raz
Family Business: A More Perfect Business
A family-business "constitution" can help guide a company through all sorts of crises and change. Matthew Fogel
Case Study: Bringing Back a Classic
In 1973, Betty Morris founded Shrinky Dinks. In the 1980s, they became ubiquitous. And now, the entrepreneur has finally found a way to really profit from them. Leigh Buchanan
Ask Inc.: Make Them Pay!
Dealing with a client deadbeat; the pros and cons of operating in Mexico; a twist on the personal asset loan guarantee. Inc Staff


Street Smarts: Your Money or Your Life
Before you develop a business plan, you need a life plan. Norm Brodsky with Bo Burlingham
What's Next: They`ve Got Your Number
Identity theft using a combination of computer technology and government information is a major crime just waiting to happen. Robert X. Cringely
Grist: More Power Than Point
PowerPoint (or "presentation software") has become the lingua franca of American business. It`s also become the problem with American business. Adam Hanft

The Inc. Life

Gear: Take a Seat
Are you sitting pretty? If not, try our alternatives. They`ve been designed to make you and your office look good and feel great. Stacy Perman
Travel: Lease Is More
Travelers find more space, more charm, and less expensive rates when they check into an apartment instead of a hotel. Bonnie Tsui
Private Lives: Mane Attraction
After a day at her Chicago chocolate boutique, Katrina Markoff unwinds by saddling up Euclide and clearing a few fences. - After a day at her Chicago chocolate boutique, Katrina Markoff unwinds by saddling up Euclide and clearing a few fences. Heather Kenny
Essentials: Things I Can`t Live Without...
The owner of a Colorado bath and beauty company may love Japanese design but she lusts after a $5,833 Swedish day bed. Riza Cruz
Setting Sites: On the Waterfront
How Portland, Maine, lays out the red carpet to its legions of entrepreneurs. David J. Dent

In Every Issue

Letter From the Editor: Yes, No, Maybe So
The silent treatment: It`s one of the oldest tactics in journalism; you can make it work for you, too. John Koten
Mail: Lessons From the Heart
Feedback on FlavorX; an antiheroic leader buys bonbons; a reader rips into "Fire Your HR Department". Inc. Staff

August on the Web

E-mail Marketing
E-mail has been a boon to many marketers looking for a fast, inexpensive way to reach their audience. But today, new super-aggressive spam filters have thrown a wrench into this marketing tool by keeping many legitimate messages from their intended readers. In "Caught in the Crossfire" on page 37, writer Ellen Neuborne lets readers in on how to work around the filters.
Reading the Economy
Gene Sperling reveals his top resources for gauging economic performance in "The Insider's Guide to Economic Forecasting" on page 96. In his research, he's uncovered a host of online resources that readers can consult to keep a finger on the pulse of the economy. compiled the resources with links and further explanation in a cheat sheet, and will maintain and update the resources as more indicators are revealed.

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