A fat check or three nights at a resort--which would you choose? When it comes to bonuses, employees prefer trips to bucks, a new survey asserts. And because workers often see bonus money as an extra paycheck rather than a reward, travel engenders more employee loyalty. The poll of nearly 600 managers was conducted by the Incentive Federation, a group that represents companies that sell travel incentive packages--hardly an unbiased source. And the conclusion rings false to Richard Seeman of the Chicago-area staffing company Staff One. "We've asked our employees," he says. "Cash is what they've said they want." But Todd Bavol of Integrity Staffing Solutions in Newark, Del.--who offers both cash bonuses and a Cancun trip every year--says the getaway is the better retention tool. Nancy Lynch of Human Resources Consulting in Buffalo adds that workers who live paycheck to paycheck may opt for cash, while those who earn more may prefer an unexpected trip. Incentive magazine ranks Mexico as the leading foreign destination for incentive travel. Las Vegas tops the list in the U.S.