The Well-Balanced Life

By: Donna Fenn, Jess McCuan, and Stephanie Clifford

It turns out that a better life can lead to a better business. Inc. suggests three paths to getting more out of each.

You started a company to control your destiny, but somewhere along the way it started controlling you. The business you built may be thriving, but at the expense of having a life. The good news: It's not impossible to have both a high-quality career and an even higher-quality life. The entrepreneurs on the following pages figured out how.

The Turnaround
How a life plan charted the course of one company and its owner. By Donna Fenn.
Not sure how to devise your own life plan?
Use this worksheet to help get you on your way to developing a life plan that benefits you personally and benefits your business.
Got Game?
When life makes you want to call a time-out, perhaps it's time to call in a coach. By Jess McCuan.
Need help getting your life into shape?
Resources to help you get your life into shape. Stephanie Clifford
Paid Time Off
Avocations become side businesses for entrepreneurs mixing work and pleasure. By Stephanie Clifford.


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