Inc. Magazine: June 1, 2004


Sales: What Works Now
What an entrepreneurial CEO needs to know to keep a sales organization firing on all cylinders.
How I Did It with John Zogby
John Zogby backed into his career as a pollster, and for a time had to cede the national spotlight to bigger names. Now he has his sights on becoming the Gallup of his generation. Elizabeth Wasserman
It Runs in the Family
The Lacerte clan's four-generation entrepreneurial streak. Bobbie Gossage
Let's Shake on It
The handshake deal embodies the best of our culture. Unfortunately, it can leave open the door for the worst. Richard Todd
Bill's Excellent Adventure
Suddenly, Microsoft cares. If you run a small business, this may be just what you've been waiting for. Alan Deutschman


Entrepreneurs in Space: Going Up?
And you think your industry is risky. Jim Melloan
Props to Olympia: Snowe Me the Money
Senator Snowe (among others) restores funding to the SBA. Bobbie Gossage
Five Ideas to Watch
Father's Day doodads, franchising dish, Gateway's biometrics, fine food in the air, and an Amber Alert for violins. Patrick J. Sauer and Jessalyn Swindoll
Online Business: New Liability for Hacked Companies
What corporations are adding to their sites' boilerplate. Darren Dahl
New Markets: Otherwise Engaged
The same-sex wedding trade show was super, thanks for asking. Bobbie Gossage
China: The People's Republic of Ownership
Finally, you can own your own little Beijing business. Toni Piech
Q& A: Alan Axelrod, Business Book Juggernaut
Alan Axelrod made Elizabeth I a star CEO. Now he's tackling ethics. Mike Hofman
Legislation: Senate Moves to Ban Sneaky Spyware
Congress takes on the force behind unwanted pop-up ads. Cara Cannella

Hands On

Managing: Testing, Testing...
Entrepreneurs have long used psychological tests to screen potential employees. Here's how to use tests to get more out of the workers you already have. Rod Kurtz
Employee Benefits: Can I Bring the Kids?
It's a family affair at Guerra DeBerry Coody -- one of the few small companies to offer staffers on-site daycare. Nadine Heintz
Strategies: The Time Trap
There are only so many hours in a day. Here's what science says about getting the most out of them. Alison Stein Wellner
Case Study
Biolife just may have invented a better bandage. The question is how to spread the word -- without breaking the bank. Michelle Leder
Getting Started: Take the Money
Plenty of cash-strapped start-ups trade for goods and services. But what happens when you try to convert barter clients to cash-paying customers? Lora Kolodny
Ask Inc.: Can't We Have Another?
When to launch a second brand. Plus: The ins and outs of outsourcing.


Street Smarts: Everybody Sells
Your work force can become a secret weapon for closing sales. Norm Brodsky
Grist: Why Bankruptcy is Bad for Business
The other reason entrepreneurs should fear bankruptcy. Adam Hanft

The Inc. Life

Education: Dropping Back In
A few college students have special extracurricular activities: running their own companies. They're former dropouts dropping back in. Stacy Perman
Film: Head Trip
A new documentary tells corporations to stop the insanity. Lora Kolodny
Etiquette: A Stand on Ceremony
Wedding season is upon us. How to handle employee weddings. Nicole Gull
Cars: In the Driver's Seat
The PT Cruiser Convertible is a hip company car you can afford. Patrick J. Sauer
Private Lives: Blue Streak
EarthLink and Boingo Wireless founder Sky Dayton has a way of hitting upon the waves of the future. In his spare time, he hits waves of a different kind. Ian Mount
Essentials: Things I Can't Live Without...
Cake maker Sylvia Weinstock can whip up multiple multi-tiered confections in one of her favorite things: a 90-quart mixer. Anne Fulenwider

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