Sales: What Works Now

Making sales is the lifeblood of any business. Lose the ability to sell effectively, and your business goes into cardiac arrest. So it's no wonder why today's entrepreneurs have so much to say -- and learn -- about increasing and making sales.

Inc.'s June 2004 Special Report, "Sales What Works Now," helps business owners pump up their sales with entrepreneurial advice on encouraging a sales team to sell more and how to put together an A-list sales force. You'll also find 10 tactical tips from business owners as well as expert advice on winning complex sales. Along with a few Inc. classics on effective sales strategies, this collection of information will help you get your own sales organization in order.

Master of the Soft Touch
Did you make your numbers this quarter? At Dan Weinfurter's company, that's the least important question. By Stephanie B. Goldberg

The Ultimate Sales Force
How Peter Groop took HP's, GE's, and IBM's leftover products and built one of the hottest teams in America to sell them. By John Anderson

Secrets to Winning the Complex Sale
Peter Groop shares his top selling secrets. By John Anderson

Hot Tips From 10 Top Salespeople

Hot Tips #1
Establish a Formal Process

Hot Tips #2
Brand Yourself As An Expert

Hot Tips #3
Motivate Your Sales Stars

Hot Tips #4
Reduce the Number of Accounts Per Salesperson

Hot Tips #5
Create A Career Path In Sales

Hot Tips #6
Stay In Touch (Within Reason)

Hot Tips #7
Look Lower On A Client's Totem Poll

Hot Tips #8
Offer Customers Financing

Hot Tips #9
Keep Score In Public

Hot Tips #10
Learn to Love Objections

Inc. Classics

This quartet of articles by former Inc. writer Susan Greco holds timeless advice for increasing and managing sales.

A Sales Force of One
What company owner hasn't suspected that all would be right with the world if his or her salespeople weren't so damn lazy? Scott Rosen had those suspicions and decided to do something about it. He fired his entire sales staff, figuring he could do better all by himself.

The Nonstop, 24-7 CEO Salesman
Pat Cavanaugh not only sells more than just about anyone in his industry but also manages a fast-growing company at the same time. What's his secret? A personal discipline that makes the most of his every waking moment.

Sales: What Works Now
In this 2002 sales package, Inc. surveyed the changing entreprepeneurial landscape to find answers to entpreneur's most pressing sales concerns. Much of the advice the entrepreneurs and expert impart still rings true today.

Replace Yourself
You may be the best salesperson your company has ever had, but it still might be time to hire a sales manager.


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