Alex Bogusky

Occupation: Executive creative director for Crispin Porter + Bogusky, an award-winning advertising agency known for its irreverent campaigns for Mini Cooper, Ikea, Molson, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Burger King, and FX Network's guilty pleasure, Nip/Tuck.

Age and home: 40, Pinecrest, Fla.

Annual revenue and employees: $500 million; 250 between offices in Miami and Venice Beach, Calif.

MO: Instead of drawing on movie tie-ins ("Some brands think those are the only things that are culturally relevant and that we always have to borrow from them," says Bogusky), the agency prefers to create characters like the Subservient Chicken, Ugoff, and Dr. Angus for Burger King. Clients not only avoid licensing fees but also own original intellectual properties.

Birds of a feather: "Clients that hire us already think the way we think or are beginning to," he says. CP+B often turns down new business from clients with more traditional styles. "We do it humbly. We don't believe we know the only way."

The wheel deal: Unicycles and skateboards dot the office, and ideas can come from 15-mile brainstorming bike rides. "When you're doing your job well and right," he says, "it feels just like play."

Things I Can't Live Without

Timbuk2 Commute XL
laptop bag, $130: "It is super durable and has a padded back so it's comfortable to ride with. And it has lots of pockets."

Apple PowerBook G4 with 15-inch screen
From $1,999; with a Sprint PCS Connection Card (by Novatel Wireless-Merlin C201), $180: "I had a 17-inch, and it felt like I got a seat at the movies too close to the screen. Wi-Fi is superior, but the broadcast range is small. The wireless card will work out in the desert on a shoot. As long as I have cellular service, I can get a download."

2003 Honda CRF450R
$6,599: "With motocross, you're able to focus on one thing -- whereas being a creative director is mostly the opposite. This is like meditation for me. When you're 20 feet in the air, trying to land in the right place at the right angle, it's not good to be thinking about other stuff. If you motocross Saturday, what are you going to come across Monday that's as intimidating?"

...and What I Covet

P51 Mustang fighter plane:
"I built WWII fighter plane models when I was a kid and had dozens hanging from the ceiling of my bedroom. Barbara Walters once interviewed Tom Cruise in the hangar where he kept his P51. It's the only time I can remember being enormously jealous for a moment."