You've figured out what color your parachute is, now what about your wardrobe? The hues you wear, says image consultant Carla Harris of Miami-based ImageWorks, affect the way you're perceived. When landing a big client, presentation goes beyond PowerPoint. To make a strong first impression, Harris suggests wearing contrasting hues (such as white shirts with navy-blue suits) or patterned ties (right) or blouses, all of which connote power and authority. Once your foot's in the door, tone down with more subdued shades that complement your natural color palette (for example, pinks and tans for rosy-complected blondes and browns and purples for brunettes with violet skin tones); this will make you seem more approachable. Above all, ditch that head-to-toe black ensemble. "All black shows a lack of interest," says Harris, whose clients include Office Depot. "You want to make an impression."