The maverick entrepreneurs who read this magazine don't shy from the unconventional; they embrace it. We do too -- in features like Rob Walker's story of Kalle Lasn's "antipreneurial" quest to unseat Nike (page 124) and John Brant's entertaining account of Junki Yoshida's unlikely rise from gangbanger to teriyaki sauce tycoon to global logistics magnate (page 108). Want some insights on how to groom a successor, wrangle with an investment bank, or star in your own TV ad? Plunge into "The Ultimate How-to Guide for Business Owners," which begins on page 87. This month, we've also departed from our usual practice of showcasing bylined writers in the contributors section below. Instead, we're introducing some of the talented editors who work behind the scenes to ensure that each new issue of Inc. is as original and different as we can make it.


Larry Kanter joined Inc. to edit the the Hands On section in 2003. As articles editor, he plans to bring the same depth and utility to feature stories. "I'm drawn to the psychology of entrepreneurship," says Kanter, who edited Alison Stein Wellner's story about CEOs who have a hard time trusting others (page 39). Kanter (shown with son Carlos) has written or edited at BusinessWeek, the New York Post, and Los Angeles Business Journal.

Prior to joining Inc., editorial director Dan Ferrara worked at Men's Journal, Worth, Outside, and Runner's World. Wherever he's been, Ferrara has focused on the art of narrative journalism. A high example is John Brant's feature on Junki Yoshida (page 108), which, Ferrara says, "finds the emotions inside the business story."

During two years at Inc., Bobbie Gossage has contributed stories about everything from real estate to interoffice dating. As associate editor, she brings a social-minded and humorous touch to the Inc. Life section -- those are her creative captions, for example, accompanying this month's spooky hotel story by Nadine Heintz (page 73). Before joining Inc., Gossage was a staff writer at Worth and a reporter at Equity magazine.

Deputy editor Loren Feldman has often worked at magazines in phases of bold reinvention. He is equally intrigued by entrepreneurs who attempt to redefine their industries, if not the world -- much like Blackspot, the "anti-Nike" sneaker concern and subject of Rob Walker's feature (page 124). Prior to Inc., Feldman edited at Money, George, and Philadelphia.

Executive editor Mike Hofman is Inc.'s institutional memory. Over eight years here he has written more than 20 features, helped bring to life a special annual issue that recognizes companies thriving in America's cities, and been honored as one of the country's best young business journalists. This month, he edited our comprehensive (and amusing) Ultimate How-to Guide for Business Owners (page 87).