Inc. Magazine: 2004 Inc. 500


Dream Weavers
These entrepreneurs built thriving companies.
Great Timing
If you were starting a company, you couldn`t have picked a worse year than 1999. And yet a surprising number of this year`s Inc. 500 companies did just that. John Case
Why Size Matters
When you outgrow smaller rivals and must compete with big corporations for the first time, you`re entering a tricky stage of growth called No Man`s Land. Daniel McGinn
How Big Is Big Enough?
Believe it or not, there really are Inc. 500 companies that don`t want to grow. Are they an aberration or the beginning of an entrepreneurial trend? Bo Burlingham
SlideShow: Crunching the Numbers
Find interesting facts and statistics on the CEOs whose companies made the 2004 Inc. 500 list. (Note: link opens in a new window)
The No. 1 Company
Who says that InPhonic founder David Steinberg has, at age 35, as good a head for business as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? Try his mentor, Mr. John Sculley. Ian Ybarra
The Definition of Success
The numbers on this list are dazzling. There`s a company with 5,958.3% annual growth, after all. Just remember: The numbers don`t even begin to tell the whole story.

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In This Issue
This month`s letter from the editor. John Koten
2004 Inc. 500 Methodology
How we chose this year`s winners.

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