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Top 10 Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Plenty of well-known people dabble in business. A smaller number are talented businesspeople, the real deal, and these are the best of them. Plus: Moby, Remixed One part pop star, one part tea magnate. The story of an unlikely but very determined entrepreneur.

Christy Turlington Burns


Nuala (yoga-inspired clothes for women, in partnership with Puma)

Big Deal

Turlington Burns sold her Sundari Skin Care Co. to India-based Marico Industries in 2003.

"It's my baby," coos Christy Turlington Burns. And, no, she's not referring to her one-year-old daughter, Grace. She's talking about her four-year-old company, Nuala, the yoga- inspired clothing line she launched with Puma. Looking for a business to start after graduating from NYU (cum laude, thank you very much) in 1999 at the age of 30, the supermodel and yoga devotee had to look no further than her gym, where she found people still sweating it out in tattered Flashdance gear. "It was so awful," says Turlington Burns, who frequently gets design ideas from her trips to exotic locales like India and Thailand. "Also, my lifestyle was such that I'd go from yoga class to academic class to a business meeting to a lunch, and I wanted to be able to wear the same thing throughout the day and not feel underdressed." Through Nuala, she has supported charities like Adopt-A-Minefield, CancerCare, and PeaceWomen. "The more successful we get," she says, "the more I hope to contribute to various causes."

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