I'm still marveling at the improbability of our decision to focus this month's cover stories on the concept of disruption. (See our profiles of four mavericks and the positive havoc they are wreaking, beginning on page 67.) The improbability has to do with the fact that we at Inc. suddenly find ourselves in the midst of some disruption ourselves. Just before we went to press with this issue, the company that owns the magazine, Gruner + Jahr USA, put Inc. up for sale.

Few things are more distracting in business than the sale of a company. I know; I've been through it before. But I also know from the many triumphant entrepreneurs I've met in this job (and from the stories we publish every issue) that maintaining focus is crucial to business success. At Inc., the most important point of focus is meeting the needs of our readers. Through the next several months, as we watch what happens with our ownership, all of us on the editorial staff at Inc. are determined to redouble our efforts to make this magazine as useful and essential as we can to our audience of 650,000 subscribers.

To that end, we're forming a special advisory board composed of Inc. readers. I'd like to hear from you if you're able to join. Just send an e-mail to this address: jk@inc.com. Members will be asked to fill out occasional brief questionnaires and will be kept in the loop about our progress as a magazine. I'll send a copy of an outstanding new business book to the first 100 people to offer their services, and a small number of advisory board members (I'm sorry we can't invite everyone) will be welcomed as my special guests at the best networking party on earth for entrepreneurs -- the annual Inc. 500 conference. Please let me know if you'd like to be part of our inner circle.