With Inc. about to embark on a new chapter in its evolution—under different ownership and different management--I can think of no better occasion to spell out what I believe are this magazine's most important values and beliefs.

This seems especially important at a time when public trust in the news media is at a low ebb. Future columns in this space will expand on each of the points below. For now, a brief outline:

  • We seek to be a gender-, ethnicity-, and culture-neutral publication. (And we recognize that we have room for improvement in this area.) We also seek to be politically neutral, at least on the subject of Republicans versus Democrats. We reserve the right to change this stance should either party embrace views similar to ours.
  • We believe that American entrepreneurial capitalism is both the best model for business and a positive force for peace in the world. (See "Why Democracy Is America's Second Most Valuable Export") It is a model with nearly universal application and appeal.
  • We support the growth and expansion of private capital markets that allow investors to better use their wealth and expertise.
  • We believe in openness and full disclosure. (See "The Anatomy of a Sale--Ours")
  • We believe that government policies should take into greater account the interests of the people who create the most jobs: entrepreneurs.
  • We believe that American higher education must immediately improve the teaching of entrepreneurship.
  • We believe in the healing power of creative expression--as it applies to both individuals and societies. (See "What One Man Can Do")
  • We embrace change.
  • We believe in fairness, decency, and--above all else--the power of the truth. At Inc., our policy will always be to correct all errors that appear in this magazine. We are grateful to readers who point out our mistakes to us.