John F. Ryan, CEO of ArmorAuto, makes a new spray-on clear coat that preserves car paint. Soon after he started his Missoula, Mont., company, Ryan traveled on a trade mission to Europe, where he won a $50,000 order. And yes, he uses the product on his own beloved 1968 Shelby Cobra.

While Ryan saves cars from the environment, Vinod Negi saves the environment from cars. His ecotravel agency, Manaca, rents hybrid autos throughout North America, organizes nature tours in 15 countries, and books guests in hotels that serve locally grown food. The Fairfax, Va., company recently set up a Beijing branch to serve Chinese travelers. Negi expects to triple revenue to $12 million in 2006.

Finally, FibrinX's tissue sealants protect people from excessive bleeding. Dhaval Gosalia, and John Goodspeed use salmon plasma provided cheaply by fisheries, creating a cost advantage for FibrinX. Plus, they say their product is safer than most on the market, which use mammal blood and can carry infections such as hepatitis C. The Philadelphia-based partners, who won this year's business-plan prize at Wharton, are now raising money and pursuing FDA approval. --L.K.