What It Is

This tried-and-true client software began as a freeware product in 1988 and still has more than 15 million users worldwide, including NASA and Harvard.


Three versions: Paid mode has SpamWatch, tech support, no ads ($49.95, or less depending on company size); Sponsored mode has ads and doesn't have SpamWatch (free); Light mode has fewer features (also free).


An integrated search function that lets you click on a word to Google it. Drag-and-drop attachments from e-mail directly to the desktop. Can also track your e-mail usage so you can see when you spend most of your time messaging.


Includes SpamWatch, Eudora's powerful spam filtering tool, and ScamWatch, a new tool designed to warn you of phishing scams. Also features MoodWatch, which alerts users to inappropriate language.


It's cheap and does the basics. For organizations without huge IT staffs or budgets to run Exchange or Domino servers, Eudora makes a lot of sense. Plus, it's named after writer Eudora Welty, which is pretty cool.


While it does offer some file-sharing capabilities, it's not the time- and task-management system some organizations need. Eudora doesn't scale well, so it's not a great choice for companies expecting to grow rapidly.