Ah, October, month of ruddy leaves and golden delicious afternoons and, less lyrically, the occasional stock market crash. If there is a Dow free fall this fall, blame the new bankruptcy laws for tempting fate.

October 5

Call it a miracle on ice: The National Hockey League resumes play today. What did we learn from last year's self-defeating hiatus? That, if the stakes are low enough, both sides in a labor dispute would rather bash their heads against a wall than resolve their differences. Of course, concussions are one of the game's traditions.

October 10

It's National Networking Week. Inspire your sales team by handing out Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Red Book of Selling, a pithy guide that offers tips like, "It's not who you know, it's who knows you" (Bard Press, $19.95).

October 14

Employment law gets the big-screen treatment with the premiere of North Country. Charlize Theron stars as a mineworker who files a landmark sexual-harassment case. Among other issues, the 1988 case the film is based on weighed the appropriateness of lewd workplace graffiti.

October 15

Think your workday's tough? Try a 2.4-mile ocean swim and 112-mile bike ride, topped off by a 26.2-mile run. The Ironman Triathlon takes place today in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

October 17

Tighter bankruptcy laws take effect. The amount of time businesses have to file a reorganization plan is now capped at 18 months. There are also new rules concerning retention bonuses for star employees and the amount of time a bankrupt company has to break certain leases.

October 29

The stock market crashed on this day in 1929, sending the nation into the Great Depression. John Kenneth Galbraith's sharp (and entertaining) economic analysis in The Great Crash 1929 (Mariner Books, $14) is still the definitive look at the definitive bubble.

October 31

File, file, file: IRS Form 720 (quarterly federal excise tax return) and Form 941 (employer's quarterly federal tax return) for 3Q '05 are due, as is FUTA tax owed through September if it exceeds $500. And one more thing: Happy Halloween!