December can be an especially productive time. Still, we beg of you: Turn off that BlackBerry for at least the duration of your holiday meal.

December 15

Pay up
Corporations need to pay the fourth portion of 2005 estimated taxes.

December 16

The Producers premieres
Reprising their Broadway roles, Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick scheme to raise millions from little old ladies, produce a flop, and then abscond with the cash to Rio. If only real-life fraudsters like Kozlowski had jetéed with such gusto, we might have forgiven them.

December 17

Annals of innovation, part 1
On this day in 1903, in Kill Devil Hills, N.C., the Wright brothers made the first powered flight. The telegram that Orville sent to his father that afternoon began with one aptly chosen word: “Success.

December 23

Annals of innovation, part 2
On this date in 1947, three scientists at Bell Labs presented the first working transistor, an invention that became the basis for the computer and electronics industries (and a Nobel prize).

December 25

Happy holidays
Forget peace and love. Nothing says Christmas like a fat check. Today’s the perfect day to present $11,000 to each of your heirs (or whomever else), the maximum annual tax-free gift the IRS allows. Your spouse can also make a gift, for a total of $22,000 per recipient.

December 31

While you’re writing checks…
Charitable donations need to be made by today to qualify for a write-off on this year’s personal taxes. Sharing is caring!