And if you can't get your hands on a Flying Spur, there's another new Bentley: the K-Vest from Bentley Kinetics. For golf fanatics in cold climates, it could be a dream come true--a way to develop a better game even when the nearest playable course is many miles or weeks away. It works, says company founder Michael Bentley, pretty much "anywhere you've got room to swing."

The vest's two sensors, and a third that attaches to your golf glove, capture information about your swing (shoulder and hip movement, swing velocity, and hand rotation) at the rate of 120 times per second, then beam it wirelessly to your computer. The included software works in conjunction with a video camera to prepare a report on your swing--including 3-D graphs that identify areas for improvement--and pinpoint how it differs from those of the pros. The software also allows amateurs to upload the data to a website where a professional instructor can analyze it.

Michael Bentley, a touring professional, has been developing the technology for 15 years, and it is already being used by golf academies in Scottsdale, Ariz., and Ludlow, Vt. Though his Bedford, N.H.-based company launched the K-Vest at the PGA Merchandise Show in January, it is being sold initially only to PGA instructors, who will use it with their students. The general public gets its shot in 2007. The K-Vest itself sells for about $3,000, while the K-System--a full kit that includes the vest, a laptop computer, a camera, and other equipment--goes for $6,500. Bentley eventually plans to apply the technology to hockey and baseball.