February 8

Love Those Annual Piracy Speeches, Guys!
Mariah, Kanye, and Gwen glam up for the Grammys, as the recording industry attempts to remain relevant in a digital music world.

February 10

Form Fiesta
Forms reporting nonpayroll taxes for '05 (945), benefits for Q4 '05 (941), and FUTA for '05 (940 or 940 E-Z) are due today.

February 14

We Would Have Changed It Too
On this day in 1924, the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co., a manufacturer of punch-card readers and accounting machines in Endicott, N.Y., rebranded. With Thomas J. Watson Sr. at the helm, International Business Machines focused on sales, culture--Watson insisted on dark suits and created a company band--and R&D, generating hundreds of patents.

February 15

Lonely Last Night? Perhaps This Will Inspire...
"In no time, Henry stripped off his shirt, revealing his buffed upper body....Soon, he had persuaded Crystal to display her own sensuous figure in her skimpy, black lace underwear. A new bottle of champagne popped its cork..." The author of this throbbing passage is legendary venture capitalist and Google-backer Tom Perkins. His novel, Sex and the Single Zillionaire ($24.95, Regan Books), hits shelves this month.

February 28

More Tax Fun: Gratuity Not Included
Employers should file form W-3 (Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements) and Copy A of all W-2s issued for '05. If you filed W-2s online, the deadline extends to March 31. Also, large food and beverage employers must submit tip income statements (form 8027 or 8027-T) unless they're filing online, in which case they get until March 31.