1. What's your favorite part of a typical day?
    Getting here in the morning and seeing what exciting news I have waiting for me in e-mails or projects ready to take off on. Whatever the emergency of the day is.

  2. What's the least glamorous thing you do regularly in the line of duty?
    Exit-interviewing employees.

  3. What skill would you most like to improve?
    Talking to reporters.

  4. What makes for a good salesperson of your product?
    Number one is, can they get the order and collect the money? Number two is product knowledge and the ability to talk about it in terms that translate to normal people. People have a tendency to create too much mystery around wine.

  5. If you could go back in time and do one thing differently in your business, what would it be?
    Not playing golf in my earlier stages and working harder.

  6. What part of your job would you gladly give up?

  7. What's the simplest thing you've never learned to do?
    Turn on the oven in my house. I don't know how to do it. I can't get it to work.

  8. Who's the smartest person you know?
    That group of people who are able to shoot something in the air and get it to circle Mars. That's knowledge beyond comprehension. The idea they could shoot something off a launch pad somewhere in the world and put it in an orbit around the moon, around Mars, or wherever, it's like aligning the stars. That type of intelligence you don't deal with every day.

  9. Who gives you the best advice about your business?
    My mirror.

  10. What keeps you up at night?