Six years ago, longtime apartment dwellers Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg decided to stretch out and buy their first house, a Spanish Colonial with a big yard and a swimming pool. But the married co-founders of Fresh, a Boston-based fragrance and cosmetics company, soon found that they and their two daughters, ages 12 and 8, preferred the intimacy of smaller quarters. "In a house, sometimes there's just too much space," says Roytberg. "When you're home, you want to be with your family. We like to be aware of one another." In 2003, the couple hired David Hacin, the architect who designed Fresh's 12 boutiques, to help them create a spare, sophisticated three-bedroom apartment in a new condominium in Brookline, Massachusetts, just west of downtown Boston. The result is a study in earth tones, with gray-washed ash floors and furniture in grays and browns. The idea, says the couple, is to showcase the people in the space--the family and its guests--not the décor.

The Lighting
Alina: "In the morning, we get bright light from the windows. It has a very different feel at night when we dim the lights. The mood is much more relaxed and sexy."

The Dining Area
Alina: "People often stop by during the week to have a glass of wine with us. We love that. We've had these Knoll dining chairs for 10 years. This is their second upholstering. They're very comfortable."

The Bath
Alina: "The tub is five and a half feet long and very deep, 24 inches. It's made of Thassos marble, which is really white--almost cloudlike. The inspiration was the Roman baths."

The Colors
Lev: "We have always liked rich neutrals for our living area. The large pieces shouldn't distract you. That way, you start to notice the textures of things, the feel of each piece."

The Intimacy
Lev: "The space is very engaging. We want it to be easy to talk no matter where you are. Our guests are our entertainment."

The Family Room
Alina: "We are against clutter. The deep storage drawers keep all the little things out of sight."

The Sound
Alina: "We put speakers in the ceiling of every room. It's a multichannel system, so you can listen to a CD in the living room and something else while you're in the bathtub."

The Smells
Lev: "I often burn a Fresh candle in the family room. In the winter, it's chocolatey, coffee bean smells. In the summer, I like lighter scents with citruses."