FMS Employee Judy LaBoda

"It's not making a big difference with my paycheck, but it saves time."

Judy LaBoda
Administrative assistant

FMS Employee Dave Stettler

"If I haven't got something serious, like a spear in my chest, I'd try it."

Dave Stettler

FMS Employee Cirilo Rosas Flores

"I may never use a MinuteClinic. I prefer to go to the doctor."

Cirilo Rosas Flores
Packer and assembler

FMS Employee Todd Pregler

"Misdiagnosis would always be in the back of my mind."

Todd Pregler
Powder metal setup

FMS Employee Lisa Truman

"It's convenient for those of us with kids. They can be seen quickly."

Lisa Truman
Administrative assistant

FMS CEO Greg Sweet

"I use the MinuteClinic myself. I hope staffers will go when it makes sense."

Greg Sweet