Mosaica is not the only company benefiting from a surge in Mideast demand for U.S. goods and services. This year, U.S. exports to the region are expected to increase 56 percent, to $40 billion. Below, the top 15 importers.

Country 2006 Imports from the U.S.
Saudi Arabia $10.7 billion
United Arab Emirates $10.2 billion
Egypt $5.1 billion
Kuwait $2.4 billion
Iraq $2.2 billion
Algeria $1.5 billion
Qatar $1 billion
Jordan $1 billion
Oman $920 million
Morocco $800 million
Lebanon $580 million
Bahrain $450 million
Yemen $350 million
Tunisia $220 million
Syria $200 million

Source: The Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy

Correction: Our list of the top Mideast importers of U.S. goods omitted Israel. With an anticipated $11.4 billion in imports from U.S. businesses in 2006, Israel should have topped this list.