Las Vegas

"In Vegas, everything is a mirage," says Scott Fritz, founder of Human Capital, a human resources firm based in Michigan. "Nothing was here. Everything you see, man did." What Fritz did was build an 8,600-square-foot house on three-quarters of an acre in the Ridges, a gated community. The north side of the home faces a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course. (Fritz doesn't really play.) And the east side offers an unobstructed view of the Strip. (He doesn't gamble, either.) Real estate is a hobby for Fritz. "Some people go to sporting events on Sundays," he says. "I tour homes." He helped design this one by sketching floor plans for the local firm Pinnacle Architectural Studio to follow.

Low taxes and an agreeable climate lured Fritz, his wife, and their two daughters from Michigan. Their new home has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a 600-square-foot office where Fritz, who no longer manages Human Capital's day-to-day operations, handles the company's strategy and manages his angel investments. Construction took 14 months, and the Fritzes moved in last September, just in time to host Scott's 40th birthday party for 100 guests.

The Floors
"The house has 4,200 square feet of stained concrete flooring. We hired someone who had done the floors for one of the casinos."

The Technology
"Everything runs on a radio frequency. I can turn on the fans in every room from anywhere in the house. I can make the living room TV pop up from my office. When you push a button, it lowers into a storage unit."

The Fire
"There are three fire pits on the back deck. In the winter, they give off just enough heat to take the edge off the cold night air."

The Outdoor Seating
"For the backyard, we bought two giant rolling beds from Lufox. They're comfortable as heck. I fall asleep in 10 minutes."

The Location
"It's pretty private and so quiet it's almost freaky. But we have an incredible view of the Strip, which is about 20 minutes away. I can see the Wynn (NASDAQ:WYNN) sign on the side of his hotel."

The Style
"We like comfortable, livable modern, not minimalist, sterile modern. This area appealed to us because of the desert contemporary aesthetic. The muted colors blend in with the landscape."

The Backyard
"I'm an outside guy. The weather is so nice here. I just love hanging out in the backyard. We put in a pool with a vanishing edge, a hot tub, six hidden speakers, and an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue."

The Materials
"The most expensive thing on the house is probably the travertine columns. It's a very pricey material, and we had to pay a lot for the labor."

The Mood
"My builder told me, 'This is a night house.' It looks cool in the daytime, but at night, it's like an ultra lounge."