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Snow Sports Without the Snow

If you're into winter sports but would rather skip the white stuff, consider these summer activities.
  • Sand Boarding
    Climb the tall dunes on the beaches around Cape Town, South Africa, strap a specially constructed board to your feet, and whiz down the slopes. The dunes feel almost like snow, and you certainly don't need a parka (see above). Of course, you'll get a face full of sand if you take a spill. Outfitters will give you lessons and hook you up with equipment. Find one at

  • Summer Bobsledding
    For about 25 euros per person, you can rocket down the Olympic bobsled run in Innsbruck, Austria, at nearly 75 miles per hour. Each sled has rubber wheels, guardrails, and a pilot. The run is open to individuals in July and August. You need at least 16 people at other times of the year. Visit to learn more.

  • Volcano Boarding
    The greatest draw in Vanuatu, the 83-island archipelago in the South Pacific, is probably the Yasur volcano on Tanna Island. It's always putting on a show. This is hardly an officially sanctioned activity (and it's definitely not the safest thing to do), but snowboarders bring their own equipment and trek up Yasur to skid down on the pumice and dodge flying volcanic debris. Go to for more information on Vanuatu.

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