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Snapshots of Vacation Marketing Agencies

Vacation campaigns can appear in many different venues, from golf resorts to national parks. Here's a look at agencies that can help you set up a program.
  1. Brand Connections
    Creates targeted media campaigns for cruise ships and ski resorts; makes tray table ads that run on airplanes; and handles product sampling.

  2. Capital Media Network
    Produces in-flight videos and places advertising on in-flight TV programs.

  3. Eventive Marketing
    Manages free-sample programs and sponsorships.

  4. The Hotel Networks
    Manages advertising on in-room hotel TV stations.

  5. JCDecaux
    Creates ads for airports, bus stops, and shopping malls.

  6. Luxus Aviation Marketing
    Handles advertising at exclusive private airports.

  7. Makai Events
    Sets up booths at events and handles other interactive promotions.

  8. Niche Media
    Publishes Hamptons, Aspen Peak, and Vegas magazines, among others.

  9. Plum TV
    Owns TV stations in Aspen, the Hamptons, Nantucket, Telluride, Vail, and Martha's Vineyard.

  10. Resorts Sports Network
    Owns TV stations serving mountain and beach resorts.

  11. Van Wagner
    Divisions of this large outdoor media company create beach, spring break, and golf skywriting advertising.

  12. Zoom Media & Marketing
    Conducts product sampling and other marketing for 18- to 34-year-olds.

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