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Splitting Heirs
In which two brothers take over the third-generation family wine-selling business. They quarrel, as brothers do. And now it isn't a family business anymore.

How I Did It: Kenneth Feld, CEO, Feld Entertainment
He hires fire-eaters and acrobats! He breeds elephants! Plus this daring feat: As boss of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Ken Feld turned a castoff circus into a $750 million production company.

Advice & Strategies

Retirement Riches
Fund your company by tapping IRAs.

Don't Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella
Buying insurance after cashing out.

Sing-2-School Wants to Bring Hip-Hop to the Grade-School Set
Can it raise $250,000?

Sales + Marketing
Gifts Worth Giving
A guide to the best company swag.

How Low Can You Go?
Cutting prices can send a powerful message. But it also can backfire.

Boomer Benefits
As workers retire, small companies face a talent crunch.

Smart Questions: How to Save on Shipping Costs
Whether you use the big names or a small regional package carrier, your fee statement for shipping is probably as complex as your cell phone bill. Many carriers have dozens of separate fees. Here are six questions to ask when you're shopping for shipping.

No Free Pass
Anti-bribery law is now aggressively enforced.

Nice View, Rough Terrain
Microsoft's Vista looks pretty, but it's a challenging upgrade.

Let's Get Together
Making contacts with social nets.

Case Study
A High-Profile Arrest Destroyed the Good Name of a Local Pizza Chain
Could the company be saved?

Ask Inc.
E-Commerce and Patents
How to keep online purchases safe from chargebacks. Plus, protecting intellectual property on a budget.

Web Exclusives


Can You Spot the Real Utube?
Millions of Web surfers couldn't, so now there's a lawsuit.

Silicon Valley's Dark Days
The mighty tech corridor is losing power. Literally.

When Scandal Knocks...
They say there's no such thing as bad publicity. Tell it to these companies, which found their integrity challenged in the blogosphere, in the papers, and on the news. Did they respond well? Here's our take.

Sails and Services
Business for sale: A Cape Cod marina for $9.15 million.


Norm Brodsky
Norm Brodsky

Street Smarts
Taking On Starbucks
How independents can hold their ground.

David H. Freedman
David H. Freedman

What's Next
Shout It Out Loud
Customers need more data. You have more data. It's time to start sharing.

Thomas K. McCraw
Thomas K. McCraw

Guest Speaker
Mapping the Entrepreneurial Psyche
What leads a person to start a company? "The impulseā€¦to prove oneself superior to others."

Leigh Buchanan
Leigh Buchanan

The Office
The Departed
It hurts a little when employees move on.

The Inc. Life

My Place: Carson Stanwood's Modern Cabin
The log cabin in Wyoming had to go--eight miles down the road. A mod aerie took its place.

Drives: Drop Top and Roll
Want wind in your hair? Push the button and wait 22 seconds.

Craves: Playing With Fire
From the portable to the positively vulcan, the best backyard grills.

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